– How is the training built up?

Distance is not a problem. We mainly provide support through online platforms such as Skype, Facetime, Jitsi Meet, etcetera. With the same quality and the same result.

How does the training work for respiratory complaints?

If you have sensitive airways, you will always have to take this into account. But when you have followed the Ademwijzer training, you can deal better with this sensitivity and most of them are also less dependent on drugs after the training. In fact, many no longer need to use airway medication at all.

How does the training work for stress (complaints)?

When stressed, people tend to think of ‘being stressed’. But stress is actually a collective term for everything that is too much for your system to process within a certain time.

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Because the body needs energy for all functions: for processing nutrition and exercise, but also for mental and emotional matters. And it is very simple: if there is too little energy, the body can not or only partially process it and what has not been processed, it stores. You then carry this ‘body stress’ with you until your body has enough energy to get started with it. Taking rest is very important in this because during a rest period the body can recharge and therefore gets enough energy to process.
But with prolonged stress, the system becomes so disrupted that rest alone is no longer enough. For example, the tidal volume increases because the respiratory center in the brain is disrupted by stress. The stress has then led to chronic hyperventilation. This can have various consequences and for everyone it can cause different complaints because everyone has their own weak spot in their system.
If you now deal with the chronic hyperventilation in the right way, the system can return to a ‘normal position’ and it will be given room to process again. It then becomes possible for the body to deal with health problems resulting from the ‘stress state’. With the Ademwijzer training you ensure that the body starts functioning in a healthy way and can therefore resolve the complaints from within because you tackle breathing and stress.

How does the training work for chronic hyperventilation complaints?

If you have chronic hyperventilation, or (vague) complaints that have resulted from chronic hyperventilation, resetting the respiratory center is the way to tackle the problem. You tackle it at the source! Breathing dysfunction itself is not so much the problem, it is just the result of an incorrectly adjusted respiratory center.

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You are easily out of breath, you have to yawn or sigh a lot, have shallow breathing or tingling, you are easily tired, irritable and tense, etc. because the respiratory center in the brain incorrectly adjusted. With the exercises of the Ademwijzer training you will reset the respiratory center. The result of this is that your breathing becomes calm again and that the tension from your body and the (vague) complaints diminish or disappear.

Possible complaints due to chronic hyperventilation

Muscle cramps, tingling, feeling unreal, chest pain, irritable, anxious or crying for no reason, dizziness, feeling faint, sweating a lot, tightness, palpitations, sighing or yawning a lot, gagging throat, clearing throat, dry mouth , poor concentration, memory loss, worrying, low immunity, inflammation, hypochondria, low energy, insomnia. [/ vc_toggle]

The Ademwijzer training is more than a course

The Ademwijzer training is not a standard Buteyko course. There is personal guidance. There is extensive website support with audio and video material. In the accompanying piece, we also look together at stress factors that have disrupted breathing, so that they can be more easily avoided in the future.
We not only use the unique techniques of the doctor Buteyko, but reinforced the approach with Mindfulness and bodywork techniques, without taking extra time! This way you get much faster into a deep relaxation that is necessary to reset the respiratory center.
If you choose the Ademwijzer training, you choose quality, an individual approach and good online support.

What does the training look like?

The training consists of a course of 3 months. You start with an initial consultation of ± 1.5 hours in practice or via Skype, Facetime or another platform. In this consultation you will learn the breath guide exercise that is necessary to reset the respiratory center in the brain and to deeply relax mentally and physically. You will do this exercise 3 times (or more often if you wish) at home using an audio recording. You get access to the client website works. This is important in supporting the process.
Furthermore, it will be discussed which aspects in your daily life influence breathing and you will receive tips on how to deal with this. This concerns, for example, stress factors and respiration in relation to sports and exercise, work, nutrition and the living and working environment.
Every week you pass on the efforts you make and the overall results via a form on the website for clients.
After 1 or 2 weeks, a second consultation follows in which we repeat the breath guide exercise and in which you receive additional tips that are especially important to ensure that you do not get too heavy breathing again. You will also receive an extra exercise that automates nasal breathing so that you do not have to consciously pay attention to it.
Outside of the consultations, we have telephone contact at intervals of one or more weeks. I do this to support the process as well as possible.
If you wish, we can conclude this with a telephone evaluation interview. We can look back in this, but also look forward to what is sensible to do.
No training or consultation is the same, because every person is different and that requires a personal approach. I think it is important to tune in to what is needed. If multiple training sessions or accompanying consultations are necessary, we will do that. The training must succeed, it’s that simple.

What are the costs?

For the entire 3-month process, with 2 extensive individual training courses (+ extra if necessary), 4 telephone checks plus final evaluation and access to the client website, you pay € 475,-.



Click here to do the test

Sit upright in a chair and breathe gently through your nose for a minute. After a normal, calm exhalation, pinch your nose and look at the second hand. When you feel the urge to breathe again, look at the second hand again and let go of your nose. You may be able to stop your breathing longer than this initial urge, but then you will need to take one or more deeper than normal breaths afterwards. If so, wait a few minutes and test again. The results may diverge, but almost never much more than 5 seconds.

  • Result between 5 and 15 seconds: your breathing volume and stress level are far too great and can lead to very serious health problems.
  • Result between 15 and 25 seconds: your breathing volume and stress level are too great and can lead to serious health problems.
  • Result between 25 and 35 seconds: your breathing and stress level are reasonably good, but improvement is still recommended.
  • Result from 40 seconds: you have a healthy breathing volume and low stress levels. Applying this training can have a preventive effect in times of stress.