Students about RelaxBreathing

We would like to point out that the training works out differently for everyone because each person has different working conditions and different living and working conditions.
Read how others have responded to the RelaxBreathing. There are also several video reports of the training.

Elaboration of the final evaluation by Eva

What was your greatest health wish? I felt anxious, physically ill, no longer trusted my body and had no control over my breathing. The greatest wish was to regain confidence in the body and a grip on fear.
What has the training yielded? I have (again) more confidence in my body
√ It has helped me take care of my body (even better)
I can handle stress better
My breathing is usually calm again
I feel calmer in my head
I experience less physical complaints
Space for an explanation of what the training has delivered I feel reborn. Am proud of the motivation and discipline I felt, born of the urgent need to make a change. I have learned and experienced how stress has hindered, blocked and severely weakened me over the years. I have taken control of my health myself and I understand my body better. Taking care of myself has also made me more confident. I am very grateful for that.

I am more responsible for my health
Dear Marc,
Prior to the RelaxBreathing I had problems with allergies (severe sneezing fits), shortness of breath with sports and a wrong breathing rhythm due to trauma (due to a broken nose). This affected the feeling of stress, because I was constantly thinking about breathing. The first training already calmed your breathing and the tingling was noticeably less immediately.
What did it ultimately bring me, after the full training:
* I realize much earlier when I experience stress and I need to take a step back.
* The allergy medications are no longer needed on a daily basis, but only on difficult days.
* Exercise is easier, the body’s recovery is faster.
* I am more responsible for my health and I want to continue to grow in this.

Sincerely, Dennis

Very happy for doing the training
At the moment things are going very well. Get more and more rest and energy. Check-up breaks are regularly at the age of 35. And have not been using any medication for my asthma for 4 months. However, 1 time had a sinus infection. But with a cure of 6 days it was also over. Since 5 days, also start with 15 minutes of meditation. And end the day with this too. It is also going so well that my mental health care program will be completed in September.
I am very happy that I did this training.
Regards, Marijke

Because of those complaints I was often so depressed that I could no longer see life

The incredible but true story of Wouter. He emailed it to me and would like to share it with other (future) students:

My birth brought a lot of problems. Since my mother had an unwanted pregnancy. It put my mother a lot of stress and consequently me too. It has now become apparent that too much stress is harmful to an unborn child. The child is continuously exposed to the stress hornone cortisol with the negative side effect later that the child is less able to cope with stressful situations. After several years in a children’s home and foster parents, my life really started when I was 4.

Click here to read the whole story

I was a child with a lot of energy, but also anxious and wary. Always outside and playing football brought me peace and as a child I also read a lot. Later in life it was noticeably less for me and really needed an outlet to function a bit. Was that football first, from 18 I started smoking to be calm in my head. I used to smoke for 5 years and after those 5 years I was glad I quit. Blowing was not the solution. The turmoil was not far from it. I started to develop prostate complaints around the age of 25. I was also very restless in my head and my body started to hurt in more places. My eyes often hurt, light was very bright for me and also in the tissues the hairstyles around my knees, wrists and to a lesser extent ankles hurt. Living like that was hell. The worst part was that those prostate complaints prevented me from being sexually active. It hurt around that area. My intestines were usually restless and I often had to go to the toilet. Conclusion irritable bowel syndrome. Now I am 52 and the complaints have clearly diminished. Not by medical science, but more by researching and applying things yourself. I tried sports, yoga, meditation, everything. With stress or anger or other tensions, the complaints immediately increased again. Potency problems, eye pain, not being able to think properly, restless bowels etc. etc.

Now after all these years I have found what is wrong with me. Not the doctor, not the psychologist or the hospital, no, after a thorough diagnosis, I came to the conclusion that my complaints were worsened by stress and by incorrect, too fast, too shallow breathing. Of course I had known for years that stress worsened the complaints, but it did not occur to me to focus purely on breathing.

After I started doing this and faithfully followed the course, my complaints disappeared like snow in the sun. I have to say I had the time and actually practiced 4 to 5 times a day with the 20 minutes of breathing. I became calmer, clearer, my body didn’t hurt. I felt like having sex again. My condition improved significantly as my body absorbed oxygen much better. For years I woke up in the morning with sore muscles in my legs and the day had yet to begin. These weeks have shown me that you can do a lot yourself and should not rely too much on medical science. They don’t know much. Something as simple as breathing, too little emphasis is placed there. Our life starts with breathing and ends with breathing. It would be nice if more attention were given to this. It would save a lot of trouble. As far as I am concerned, the training saved my life, because I was often so depressed by those complaints that I could no longer see life.

My conclusion is that the (Buteyko) Breathalyzer training is a fantastic method with the caveat that it is not something for 6 weeks and then everything is resolved. You will have to keep working on it I think. I certainly do. If I faithfully do the breathing exercises for a few days, I will soon feel fit and clear again. Hopefully I can help people with this info a bit. I know how painful it is to be sent from pillar to post and unable to find the solution. As far as I am concerned, a doctor can start to check the breathing if people come with vague complaints.

greetings, Wouter

Much more energetic, less rushed
Erna mailed had filled in the final evaluation form: ‘I am so happy with this form of breath coaching that is aimed at relaxation. It took some time and patience, but to my surprise I got rid of most of my allergic asthma! ‘
In the final evaluation meeting, she told me that she not only got rid of her asthma symptoms, but that she feels a lot calmer throughout the day. Less rushed. Yes, it still played up sometimes, but certainly not as strong as before and she calmed down faster. Well, tackling breathing and stress goes down to the cellular level and strengthens, among other things, the nervous system and blood balance! Erna said she felt much more energetic and hoped for even more improvement. “That will improve even further,” I said, “but make sure you don’t step into the old trap of exhausting yourself in to-do lists?” “Yes I do,” she promised with a chuckle. I chuckled too, because that’s easy to say, we both knew. But I also know that with the tools she now has, Erna no longer has to end up in the old complaint pattern. Do you well After!

The key to success!

Dear Marc,
What a relief to be coached by you with the RelaxBreathing. As a single mother with 2 great kids, I was used to going on and on. I do that with love of course. But I was completely exhausted after a period of 8 years. In which I also had to lose both my parents. I slept 11 hours a night. And when I was free I also slept an extra 3 hours in the afternoon. I had put my social contacts on the back burner. And I tried to keep all the balls in the air. Until my doctor referred me. I turned out to have chronic hyperventilation. You taught me how to really relax. And my breathing is fine again. I got into a bath full of energy and air. And I notice much less tension in my body and have so much more energy. This is really the key to success for me.
I wish this to everyone!

Greetings Marleen

Stupid surprise

Hey Marc,
It goes well. During the holidays I practiced a little less but still 1 – 3 times a day. My CP has fluctuated a bit (25 – 38), also depending on circumstances I think. But this week (practice week 8) I had 2x CP 40 and yesterday and today to my utter surprise 50 and 48! I just continue to practice once or twice a day. When I speak, I notice that I breathe quite automatically through the nose. This also applies to cycling and walking. Maybe we can give you a call tomorrow between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM?

Successful in lowering high blood pressure!

‘Because of high blood pressure and an always tense feeling and a too tense appearance (always walked with a too tight mouth) I contacted Marc. I have performed the exercises consistently 4 times a day, which takes some discipline. Before I started the RelaxBreathing, my blood pressure, with intake of 4 types of pills, was between 145 and 175. After about 8 weeks of practice, my blood pressure dropped, with only 1 pill per day, to between 120 and 135. Currently I still do the exercises 2 times a day and I hope to no longer need any medication in a few weeks. In addition, I always get compliments from my life partner that I have become so much calmer and look much more relaxed, the tight mouth has become “soft”.
In those 8 weeks I was able to increase the check-up break from about 16 to 32 seconds. In general, I feel much better than before (even though I suffer from a bad illness). In any case, the system that Marc developed works very well for me.

Marc thanks for your help and support.

Greetings, Willem. ‘

PS: I (Marc) went to walk next to my shoes because Willem had come all the way from East Germany for my approach. Of course, he and his wife combined it with a visit to Dutch friends, but still. Thank you for your trust Willem!

Sometimes quick results …

Dear Marc,
Would you like to report that I started immediately yesterday and practiced often. Maybe strange to say, but I no longer feel nauseous and tense. Slept through the night and not snored! I woke up very happy and am completely satisfied.
Nice start, so I will continue on the same path.
Greetings, Marcel

No BIPAP (breathing apparatus) required!

I am a 66-year-old man and in recent years I had a legal dispute with my employer who accused me of doing things that I did not do (now settled).
Because of this I got a burn-out with all the misery that came with it such as considerable weight gain and snoring problems.
With this I was sent to a lung specialist and I had a BIPAP device to set up at night.
I did this for exactly 10 minutes and promised myself never to use it again, and searched the web for another way.
That’s how I ended up with Marc Scheffer with his breathing therapy, I have now lost a lot of weight and the snoring is almost gone.
So thanks to Marc !!!

Dear Marc,
It was quiet for a moment on my part, but here I am? Things have gone well in recent weeks. In the last week of the course / training I went on vacation for 3 weeks. In these weeks I still did an exercise every day, but no longer 3 or 6 times a day. I have had hardly any or no complaints during this holiday. When I came back I had a lot of jet lag and went back to work and got complaints again after a few days. Then I immediately started doing exercises again and the complaints were already over after a few days. Things are going very well now.
I stopped measuring the CP for a while. I think it is certainly important and will probably measure it again every now and then in the coming months. But not being busy with it for a while is also nice.
The best thing about your breathing coaching method is that I now have a solution for days or a period when I get complaints again and don’t feel so good. By doing the exercise, the complaints often disappear quickly and give rest. I didn’t have that solution / way out before I did this training and that often felt literally hopeless.
So I can say that my life has become a bit easier (already). And that has of course been worth it.
I will continue to exercise and keep an eye on the site for the next months and years and will see even more improvement as a result.
Thanks for the help during the 8 weeks and good luck with coaching for the new participants. Maybe we’ll just call, but I think I was able to express what my experiences were and are in this email. 🙂
Thanks again!

After eight weeks of hard practice, I got to know myself better!
Maria had many complaints and wanted to tackle her health considerably and received a solid program. She emails after two months:
‘After the first training, I went home with a very good feeling. It was quite intensive, but I went for it one hundred percent.
I felt more and more relaxed. After a week I noticed that my CP was already going up. And after a week I slept better again! The burden of my legs, especially at night, also decreased! I felt that the tension in my body changed. No more shaky feeling inside!
Something happened to me! My concentration and short term memory improved!
After eight weeks of hard practice, I got to know myself better!
But I’m not there yet and will and want to continue practicing.
I am currently in a busy and quite exciting period, and I notice that practice makes sense. The fact that I am aware of that is a good sign. And during busy times I always try to insert moments of rest.
Thanks to the Ademwijzer therapy I have been put on the right track!

Teacher (44 years old) receives compliments
“This week I received a nice compliment twice. The first was from a colleague teacher. She knows that I am following this training and thought that I looked calmer and radiated differently from my eyes.
The second compliment came from a parent, she did not know that I am following this training. At a benefit evening, where she was also present, I had to give a presentation. Afterwards she indicated that I presented more calmly than a while ago during a parents’ evening and that my breathing was calmer. Before that she thought that my breathing was high and faster, which also made the presentation a bit more unclear. A nice boost that motivates me again !!

Nasty fatigue from severe burnout is over!
Hi Marc,
I would like to tell you my story. After many unsuccessful attempts here and there to get rid of my very annoying vague complaints, I came to you. I am very enthusiastic about it because since then my situation has changed. Without knowing it, I had been suffering from chronic hyperventilation for years. This is because I have led a very rushed and stressed life for years. I got more and more physical complaints and eventually I had no energy at all to be able to do anything. I turned out to have a serious burnout. I took complete rest and did everything you need to do to get rid of a burnout, but I didn’t make any progress despite that. To make you despondent. Especially at night (but also during the day) I had those nasty extra tired moments that I experienced as “stuffy with tiredness”. Later I found out that this was (chronic) hyperventilation that seriously hindered my healing. I have read a lot about this and found out that you will not get rid of this by itself. Someone who had very good experience with the RelaxBreathing advised me to give this a try. The method is very easy to do. The relaxation exercises felt very pleasant and did not require any effort. The discipline you have to bring to it is therefore well worth it. I noticed an improvement in my situation quite quickly. I felt more relaxed, the hyperventilations became much less and I gradually got more energy to keep things going. I started to feel a little better and I slept much better so I made more and more progress.
Because this method teaches you to relax more deeply, you learn to pay attention to learned stress in your body and to get it under control. If I sometimes go over my limit and I have a relapse, I do the exercises again for a while and then I immediately notice improvement again.
I still have to be careful not to get too enthusiastic with the energy that I now have again. You will be taught this during the training to be economical with your energy so that your battery does not drain again.
I wish I had discovered this method sooner, I think that would have saved me a lot of trouble.

Pilot Boing 737 completely fit to fly again
In my younger years (adolescence) I was diagnosed with chronic hyperventilation (CHV). In short, this is a breathing disorder that occurs in a latent (hidden) form. Due to a shortage of CO2 in the blood, various organs have difficulty absorbing oxygen from the blood, which causes a wide range of (vague) complaints. Ultimately, this escalated into a temporary disability report last year.
I often hear from many colleagues (but also outside work) about the same type of complaints (to a lesser extent), in particular intestinal problems, sleeping problems and low energy, but also muscle complaints in the back and neck. With the Ademwijzer therapy with Mr. Scheffer I learned to improve my breathing, which resulted in a significant reduction of the complaints.
As a result, I have not so much improved my performance at work, but I am less often sick / tired or “not-fit-to-fly” (an option for pilots to check out for 24 hours without having to report sick). Most complaints have (largely) disappeared and I have a lot more energy again.
Although many may not be aware of chronic hyperventilation, I have become convinced of the benefits that can be obtained from healthy breathing based on deep and regular relaxation. The therapy takes discipline and time, but I am sure it will benefit health and productivity. Moreover, it can have a preventive effect against longer absenteeism if it escalates, such as with me.

Feel calm and have no more complaints
Another nice review that I could put on the website:
My experience with the RelaxBreathing is consciously experiencing peace and being able to consciously bring about peace. Experiencing that you suddenly realize that complaints have disappeared and that you feel calmer all over. Very special experience to be able to deal with peace and your breathing in this way: I never want to lose this. I thought before the course that I was just breathing too little. I had no idea of ​​the power of your own breathing before the course. The tip for quiet night breathing is also a revelation. Marc is a good, expert coach who gives confidence from openness. The positive approach to yourself is reassuring. This should be much more widely known: let children already gain experience with this. So pay attention to this in primary schools. Now perhaps a good time because there are more and more sounds to let children also gain nature experience. This is a piece that goes with that. Every educator provides experience from their own experience. For me it was: shrug and keep going. Always keep going.
Highly recommended to follow this therapy. You do it yourself and Marc gives you the right move. I can continue for hours with positive feedback, but stop at 1 tip: immerse yourself in this course and allow yourself. It is a gift to yourself. Don’t wait for complaints, do it now.

Mission accomplished
I am so happy with the Ademwijzer Training. Being able to build in more relaxation and let go of my breathing faster and focus my attention on something else is very nice! I no longer suffer from high breath, pressure in the chest, floaty feeling, rushed feeling, tightness, fatigue, feeling of fear, nausea, stomach pain, palpitations, I burn less quickly.
I also handle stress much better. I regularly stop my work to feel my feet. I also make driving and shopping / housekeeping more relaxed. I can’t even do anything right now .. I enjoy everything more. I don’t have to do everything all the time. Do I have any wishes? Yes, I want to say no more often even if I feel good. And sometimes pay even more attention to keep planning time for myself.

Would have liked to know this 30 years earlier
I am very happy that I did this training. Wish I had known this 30 years earlier. It’s great that I can feel so much better so easily. This is certainly permanently employable. It feels good to have time for myself. Thank you!

Was distraught and sometimes saw no way out anymore ..
9 months ago I started the RelaxBreathing because I was suffering from fears, constant tension, PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) and bad thoughts. Sometimes I was really afraid of doing something bad. Didn’t dare to tell anyone this either. Was distraught and sometimes saw no way out …
I knew something was wrong with my breathing and had already followed some therapies that did not help enough. After 3 months of practice I felt a real improvement and I had a wonderfully relaxing holiday for the first time in years. Now feel much more confident and relaxed in everyday life. These exercises are really great and actually it is wonderful to do them. I take a moment for yourself and then I feel energized again. The PMS is also a lot less. I used to suffer for 2 weeks, now 2 days. I now feel right when I go too far again and when I do the exercises, it disappears after a few days. I try to practice once every day, but I don’t always succeed. You can also do the exercises anywhere.
The RelaxBreathing has really changed my life. I would really recommend it to everyone. I did it through Skype, it worked perfectly.
Thank you very much.

So good for your physical and mental health
Everyone should try this; so good for your physical and mental health. After years of searching, it helped me to greatly reduce my complaints that have been present for 20 years; so nice. It has proven itself; also scientific.

Restlessness and general malaise reduced
Here is a look back at the past 2 months. I am very happy that I started doing the training. I think the ‘anchoring’ part in particular has changed a lot for me in a positive way! I just continue with exercises, because I notice that I benefit a lot from it. Feels great when I have done another exercise!
I am less rushed, I am more aware and calmer in situations. This allows me to monitor my boundaries better and better and I am generally happier and calmer. I am also less busy with things, I have the idea, I can let it go a little faster. My anxiety and general malaise have diminished!

Tried everything and nothing helped
Many respiratory therapies promise a lot, but the results are not there or only temporary. Very frustrating. I feel like I’m on the right track now. Many of those vague complaints that I was dealing with have now almost disappeared. Yee !! Happy to have found you.

No more urine leakage
I have almost no urine leakage anymore. Be more relaxed. I can build more peace into my life and now I am largely in control of my (relaxation) tension myself. Skin is slightly better. I see better what stressful events are doing to me and my health. I vary my activities more. I look at stress differently. I schedule a lot more time around strenuous events to relax.

Control Pause already 40!
Hey Marc,
Do you still have to email it. I have just reached 40 for the first time with the CP and have only been 1 x under 30 from Monday (27 sec). Who knows, I may still reach 60 before I visit the lung specialist again at the end of January.
Have a nice weekend.

I feel like building my life again
Given his health problems (emphysema), Hans van der Pol was not only afraid of further deterioration physically, but also of losing his business. The cough made it impossible to speak to people in a normal way in his case. He informed us that he saw this as his salvation, because he did not want to continue with medication. After a few months, he could effortlessly hold his breath for 80 seconds. This is a sign of exceptionally healthy breathing of less than 3 liters per minute. The body was then able to do its self-healing power and the results were spectacular. Hans likes to tell his story in order to convince others that you can live well with emphysema and stop the worsening.

No longer afraid to go to bed
Because of sleep apnea and poor sleeping and sleeping through to do breath-hold training. The same evening I fell asleep quickly. I got to sleep much better because of the RelaxBreathing. I miss it when I don’t. The RelaxBreathing made me feel much more confident. In the time of much stress, the moments with the Breath Guide exercises were pleasant moments, as if I were surrounded by loving family members. My asthma has decreased, no more tightness. Usually sleep well at night. No longer being afraid to go to bed. My life is worth living again. I’m so glad I started doing this. Thank you Marc.

“That it would help that much…!”
Michiel reported to us because he does not sleep well and cannot sleep well. He will start breathing coaching on 6 August (via Skype). Despite a busy exam time, he sleeps better within weeks and within a month he sleeps like a baby. In an email he writes: ‘I had hoped this would help, but it would help that way …!’

Insight into the nature of my complaints
‘I feel healthier, calmer and happier, also and perhaps mainly because the therapy has given me insight into the nature of my complaints.’

Am much calmer
I notice from the dog that I am calmer. Normally he has been beeping for a long time when I go to prepare the bags, but now he stays calm until I put it in the car and he stays calm until I get to my destination.

Get up less tired
“I get up much fitter in the morning!” (we hear this very often)

Can now stay calm with myself in stressful situations
‘Apparently I wanted to get myself out of stress by taking a toilet break. These of course end with washing my hands. Through this training, I noticed that most of the time I wash my hands as if my life depends on it. Far from relaxing. There is haste and pressure behind it and apparently it must be done quickly and thoroughly. Very tiring and stressful. Because I became aware of this, I now deal with it differently: I feel my feet on the ground, I have learned to relax my breath and I realize that my hands will not get cleaner by stressing them and washing them quickly. I am now calmer and when I wash my hands I really feel my hands and then gently dry them. I notice that my view is broader again. As a result, I can calmly go back to the situation that gave me such stress and deal with it differently: calmer, more to myself and because of that I no longer keep the stress with me all the time. ‘

Mail from a pastor who travels a lot
‘I am still enthusiastic. Think that I am taking advantage of it. Much less dizzy and feel happy. I am often on the road, but I do my exercises faithfully. I am grateful to you for putting me on the right track with this method. ‘

It just keeps getting better and I’ve only been at it for 5 weeks!
My name is William and I am an international truck driver. A few years ago, complaints started to appear: excessive sweating, palpitations and the feeling of fainting became more common. The doctors concluded that I had hyperventilation. Then went to the physiotherapist for breathing exercises, without success. Various breathing exercises from the internet were also unsuccessful. Even been on the pills for over 2 years, but nothing worked.
By means of the RelaxBreathing I started to breathe differently in 5 weeks. In the past I had a hyperventilation attack every 3 to 4 hours. Was exhausted and had no energy, was irritable. Now after 4 weeks of practicing only once a week such an attack, more energy and breathing has become much better. A lot of complaints are now disappearing. It just keeps getting better and I’ve only been at it for 5 weeks!

This method is in-depth and of high quality
After a serious aneurysm operation, I accidentally followed the RelaxBreathing with Marc Scheffer in Deventer. The effort required for this could be described as minimal with maximum effect. I practiced for two months with an astonishing result of better breathing, speaking better and more calmly and above all sleeping better and being able to deal with tension. I can recommend it to everyone, because the effect of this method is profound and of high quality.

No apnea and …. no more hemorrhoids
Sometimes different complaints with apparently no connection can disappear. After a concluding conversation, a student reported that he no longer suffered from apnea, but the hemorrhoids had also disappeared. The former has to do with a smaller tidal volume, the latter with an improved function of the wall around blood vessels because the oxygen delivery to this muscle tissue is improved.

Libido stronger
“Feel so much better. I hardly dare to say it, but the sex is so much better. I am now well over 60, but I feel 18.”
(Not a strange result, less stress in the body means that more sex hormone can be produced again, the ‘cortisol steal’ has been lifted.

Training is a new dimension
How happy I am. On Monday after canceling my coming to you, I started the RelaxBreathing again. As much as possible 5 times a day. Done for two weeks and really benefited from it. I noticed how I relaxed in bed and fell asleep, despite stress. Two weeks ago we went on vacation for 5 days and then only did a few times a day and slept well. Last week had a very bad week, not really well done the exercises and not being able to sleep. Now I try to get back into the rhythm, from next Monday I want to do 5 times a day. The breath guide training opens a new dimension for me, I am very happy with it. That I can concentrate, and relax, and get that feeling back in bed, unbelievable.

I Got through stress period well
‘Thanks to the exercises I kept enough energy during a very stressful period and I was also able to “clear” my head better. I’m glad I did this. ‘

No more respiratory infections
Dear Marc. Hereby a message from my side. It goes well. Your training benefited a lot and time and again I can return to the simple relaxation task and so make the ah more relaxed. I notice when I relax in the exercises. A minimum of 2x day is necessary for me. My CP fluctuates and is directly stress related, I notice. On average I get 40 ers in relaxation and a few times 1 minute. I think the CPs are important indicators. Didn’t have shortness of breath or anything, and thankfully no more respiratory infections so far. My assignment is to stick to those 2x a day. Also in the near future. In any case, a very valuable training, excellent explanation and guidance. I can therefore heartily recommend this coaching. It remains for me to thank you and wish you a healthy 2014.

Get rid of burnout complaints
The RelaxBreathing has helped me to feel better. Previously I had a burn-out. Tried everything, the only thing that really helped me is the RelaxBreathing.

Soon I will tell my doctor how well it is going
When I didn’t know anything about tidal volume, let alone the RelaxBreathing, I avoided because of my shortness of breath spaces with smoke and I left the city for a ‘cleaner’ village. I left the lung specialist’s prescription for puffs in a drawer for 2 years. When I reported my anxiety once more to my anthroposophic doctor, he insisted that I start using puffs anyway; there really was no alternative.
After 5 years of use, I was sometimes less short of breath, but I had respiratory problems for at least 6 weeks a year and I was very ill for at least 4 weeks. I heard about the RelaxBreathing; am who immediately (with you) will learn and apply. In consultation with my curious doctor, I switched to an exclusively anti-inflammatory puff, so without lung dilators. That went fine, after a few months we halved the dose and when a lung function test showed that it went well (even better, but that of course could not) I asked again to halve the dose. But that lower dose turned out to be for children and was not suitable for me according to the practice nurse. After consultation with my doctor, she called me that I could stop the puff for 4-6 weeks to experience how that would go. I quit on Dec 4, 2013. And…. initially I had some more mucus but now I’m fine. So good that I actually kind of forgot about it. Soon I will tell my doctor how well it is going.
And the somewhat skeptical but curious neurologist who, after extensive and unsuccessful research about me sleep problems, took a test to investigate my theory of chronic hyperventilation as a possible cause, I will also catch up….

Life has become ‘100% better’
My life has become 100% better thanks to the Ademwijzer Training. Previously needed a lot of Atrovent and Salbutamol. Awake every night and stuffy. Often pneumonia and need antibiotics every 6 weeks. I started RelaxBreathing in May 2012. Leave all Bronchodilator in place within a week. From May to now only had pneumonia once. I so wish doctors would take this REAL cure a little more seriously. Also told my own doctor of my findings.

No more bronchitis
Before the RelaxBreathing I had a cold a few times a year, which then always turned into bronchitis. I haven’t had bronchitis for 1 ½ years now. I did have a cold once in a while, but that quickly passed and didn’t get “in my lungs.”

No more sleep apnea, energy level incomparable
Hi Marc,
Just an update on how things are now: I have not used the CPAP since the summer holidays and I am doing fine. I have now been to the lung specialist and indicated that I have followed the RelaxBreathing and no longer use the CPAP. Also indicated that I still use and need medication for RLS. He wanted to use a sleep test to determine whether I really had no or almost no breathing stops. The sleep test showed that I had an average of 1.8 breath stops. His response was that he probably had more than me. “The respiratory therapy will have helped you along with the drugs for RLS,” he admitted and I shared his opinion. I have now returned the device and that felt like a conclusion to my apnea story. I still exercise regularly when I think it is necessary. My energy level can no longer be compared to that of 1.5 years ago. So far, you are briefly informed of my progress.

No more hyperventilation complaints
I have had hyperventilation symptoms for months. My complaints were particularly dizzy, tired and especially stressed. Because of these complaints, but especially because of the tension I felt in my body, I was also insecure and anxious.
I have followed many other therapies with little result. After 3 months of the RelaxBreathing I sleep much better, I have had no more hyperventilation attacks, my dizziness is as good as gone, I have much more energy, and if I feel some tension in my body after a busy week , I do an exercise a few times and the tension really disappears, great feeling !!
The most important thing I want to convey to all people with hyperventilation complaints is: listen to your body much more and try to stay positive!
Thank you for the super good but especially motivating guidance.

Menstruation started again, Oxasepam tapering off
Upon arrival, Heleen had only been able to keep breathing quietly for 5 seconds and after four weeks, already reported some remarkable improvements:
‘Now also have CPs of 25 or 30 … not every day, but still. Menstruation has suddenly started again. I haven’t had it for several months.’
Heleen was also able to successfully phase out the Oxasepam (anti-depressant)!

I finally know: I unconsciously had Chronic Hyperventilation
I would like to tell my story and experience with the breathing training and the guidance of Marc Scheffer in this. My name is Rob, 44 years old and the father of two young children. In the month of October last year, I had a lot of trouble with high breathing, stress, bad sleep and anger towards my family. I started a search on the internet and came to Marc’s website via google. After I started the breathing training I found out that I was suffering from unconscious chronic hyperventilation and had a breathing of 3 adults.
For me, this was a clear indication of stress with the side effects of poor sleep and anger. After good guidance from Marc (both at home and by phone) and working with the workbook, I am back to a healthy breathing of 5 liters per minute. The stress complaints have also disappeared and make good long nights again. Another positive side effect is that you will also pay more attention to the food you eat every day. This also has a major influence on your breathing.
When walking and cycling every day, I also pay attention to breathing through the nose instead of through the mouth, and that works great. I have also become a lot friendlier towards my family. I am therefore grateful to Marc for his help and guidance as my Ademwijzer trainer and I would like to recommend him wholeheartedly if you recognize yourself in the above complaints.

Strong improvement in inflammation, Crohn’s disease
Before the RelaxBreathing my inflammation value was 260, three months after the course it is 98. If it drops further to 40 I officially no longer have Crohn’s.

Blood pressure has improved
My blood pressure has improved by about 70% since I started doing the Ademphire workout. I am glad that I persisted.

Tapering off antidepressants
I recently started playing squash again. And I’m tapering off on the antidepressants. I only now understand what you said last year. “It’s as if you are in control again” I have had that feeling since I reduced the dose of medication. Some kind of veil has been removed. I was half there and am now completely back. A good friend said after the squash match “did you take a Zen course or something?” I was super calm and controlled. Normally I always got mad at myself. I won the competition with flying colors. I am sure this has to do with the RelaxBreathing. Before the game, I calm myself down by slowing my breathing. I always used to choke on nerves.

Haven’t used the CPAP for a few weeks
He has sleep apnea when he comes to us. With 17 breath stops per hour, he was stuck using the CPAP at night. He emails:
‘I haven’t used the CPAP for a few weeks now. Do the chair exercise at noon during the week. It is going reasonably well, my control break is around 30/35 now and then a bit lower and sometimes higher. I sometimes think about using the CPAP to check my breathing stops. The weeks that I still used the device 1x a week, I was around 5 stops. I’m on the right track but not quite there yet. ‘

After 20 years no more yawning and no more calf cramps
I had yawning for over 20 years. I often yawned during a conversation, after a conversation, after exercise or after a heavy meal.
Some examples. Whenever I had a phone call with someone, there always came a time when I had to yawn. I often yawned in the car on the way back from a party. In the office I often yawned when I had cycled at a slightly faster pace. I often yawned after eating a large meal. All this was very annoying for myself but also for the environment. In addition, I had a lot of problems with acidification / cramps in the legs while swimming, deaf / white fingers and toes, or a bloated feeling after a day of work.
In recent years there have been various investigations but unfortunately the cause of my gap problem could not be found. In the end it was found that I was suffering from chronic hyperventilation. Because of this I came into contact with the RelaxBreathing. After following the training and doing the exercises, I notice that I am rid of the above complaints.
How nice it is to live without yawning and to be able to swim without getting cramps !!!

My life has started (again) after doing this course. For years I walked around with, afterwards, chronic hyperventilation complaints. After an alert nurse heard my breathing and voice, a provocation test was finally done… shocking results, a diagnosis of CHV was made. With this diagnosis, I searched for appropriate “support” for 2 years until I finally completed the breath guide course. Achieving immediate results from day 1, feeling better, getting better, this is real life!

Quality of life vastly improved
At the moment it has been a year since I started the RelaxBreathing and I can conclude that the quality of my life has improved a lot. I feel less tired, sleep better and worry less (also less anxiety without reason). In short, I feel much better about myself. At the moment my CP is 30 seconds, it has been a bit higher in the spring (about 35 seconds) but due to a busy period of graduation that I am currently in, my CP has dropped a bit but now remains constant. I do my exercises daily (in the morning and in the evening) and I feel very quickly when my breathing is wrong. Maintaining the CP through the exercises sometimes takes time, but especially in busy periods I attach great value to the exercises because I know what you will get in return. I can only conclude that the RelaxBreathing has greatly improved my quality of life.

Bowel movement and skin improved
I went to do the RelaxBreathing “healthy”, except for that pollen allergy. But since the RelaxBreathing I have not had a bad cold anymore, I think one more cold where I really had a stuffy nose for two days. I sometimes feel that I have a cold, but I have few complaints except that I feel a bit tired, less fit. But I can do my job and keep exercising.
Furthermore, my bowel movements and skin have improved (less inflammation and faster recovery) and I am generally calmer, more cheerful (also less affected by PMS).
It is important to note that I lose less moisture during exercise through nasal breathing and seem to have more strength than before (both in endurance and muscle strength). I still do an exercise at least once a day and I notice that it requires maintenance, otherwise in busy times the breathing is too deep.

No more anti-inflammatory and no more snoring
Last winter at the end of the cold period I had to take Budesonide again because there was too much mucus and I was not comfortable about it, now again without medication in consultation with my GP and hope to keep it that way. Do a breathing exercise now and then to check my values, but that goes very well. I also snore less, my partner says that, of course, he will suffer from it otherwise.
Keeping moving is a must with the complaints I have, so do the walking exercise a lot.
I am very satisfied with the results achieved by the Ademwijzer method, it is recommended for people with the same complaints.

Real deep relaxation
The training allowed me to achieve real deep relaxation for the first time. The control break goes up well.

Stress reduction
I especially liked the training because it immediately reduces stress.

That other breathing technique felt unnatural
During a kriya yoga class, I found myself unable to follow the breath prompts in the class. By practicing intensively with the Breath Guide training, I now usually breathe so differently that it feels unnatural to breathe like that.
Thank you Mathilde and Marc for offering this method and j

All complaints disappeared, morning CP of even 40 seconds!
The day before yesterday I had a morning check-up break of 40 seconds for the first time (CP is a measurement taken to measure the progress through the exercises. I have been back to work for 6 hours a day and feel better and better. When it is busy I watch my breathing and make it calm, I now feel much less stressed than before training All previous complaints such as phlegm and coughing every 10 minutes have completely disappeared Thanks for this beautiful technique.
(Not everyone achieves this high result in the first few months. An average CP of 30 seconds or more is a good start!)

Nicely refurbished
Hello Marc. I wanted to write to you that I have recovered nicely. I think the Breath Guide training is fantastic and I am increasingly discovering what it entails and how it helps. That is why I wanted to thank you for the good teaching and the dedication in the telephone calls! ‘

More stamina
I always breathe through my nose now. I adapt my efforts to my breathing condition. I have more stamina. After exercising, I also feel much better and I am less tired.

No more dizzy
I have had dizziness for four years. After the course I have never been dizzy again.

Less trouble with PMS
My period is much better. I am clearly less affected by PMS and am no longer upset for a week or more with headaches, fatigue and feeling cranky.

No more bronchitis, no more eczema and your thyroid gland works better
She is a 74 year old woman. She emailed us her experience:
I was introduced to the breath guide training in mid-December. Wasn’t sure what to expect. Be open to alternative medicine. Now (March) I see a lot of results. Namely :.
Am much less hunted. No bronchitis this winter, so no need to ‘puff’. No problems with eczema. My thyroid level has suddenly gone up. Can now with a lower drug (125 mg now 100 mg) per day. Sleep much better and longer but wake up fit at 7 in the morning.
No more constipation without pills. I wonder if I will no longer suffer from hay fever this spring.

Breathing calmed down on its own, as if it knew what to do
I would like to keep you informed of my progress in the Ademwijzer event via this email. I am still excited. Do the exercise 2 to 3 times a day and regularly have a CP of 25 to 30. I really experience relaxation. I used to have an itch to breathe, but that is no longer an issue. I sometimes go out of bend but I notice that my respiratory center is getting better and better trained. Eg. I was in the shower this week, washing my hair, and found myself doing this as if I was being chased, in short stressed. But the very moment I realized that, the breathing calmed down on its own, as if it knew what to do. Things are going fine at the gym, I can experiment well with those devices (walking and cycling). At first I did a lot and lightly and noticed that more strenuous exercise directly affected breath and heart rhythm, so now I’m slowly increasing this.

Asthma attack stopped
I heard from her mother: ‘At a music festival she had danced a lot and was just about to go home when she heard her favorite song. She ran back to the music stage with her girlfriend and got the giggles. That combination started the asthma attack. Fortunately, she remembered in time to do an Ademwijzer exercise right away. Within minutes the breathlessness subsided and she was breathing calmly again. For her that was proof that she no longer needed Ventolin, let alone a long-acting bronchodilator. ‘

End of apnea fatigue
Before I started the Breath Guide training, my night consisted of 4 or 5 blocks of sleep of 1.5 to 2 hours each. As a result of the apnea I kept waking up after that time and so never reached my deep sleep. Result: almost permanently tired and often doze off during the day. I feel much better now because I start the night with several hours of deep sleep. After about five hours of sleep I have to go to the toilet and then sleep 1 or 2 times for 1.5 to 2 hours. In short: I usually get up rested instead of tired.

“You look so good, your eyes shine again!”
He is in his forties with a young family and a good job in the Randstad. He has become very emaciated from persistent stress, has become asthmatic and has occasional hyperventilation attacks, including at work. He has to cough up a lot of mucus. He has received Ventolin from the doctor, but would rather not use it, starting with that is the beginning of the end. He sleeps badly every night and is at his wits end. Something has to be done and he registers at our practice.
Barely four weeks after he started Ademwijzer training with us, this student called us to tell us about his experience:
‘In the lung function test I scored 15% below the average befor the RelaxBreathing training. Because of the training I scored 109% in the test I took this week. The mucus formation of the past six months has stopped. I had mucus in my mouth every 5 minutes and I don’t have that anymore. I don’t cough anymore either. I have nice and warm hands all day long. An acquaintance I met recently said: “You look so good, your eyes shine again!”
After the training period, the student told him that we had guided him particularly well in the area of ​​better relaxation.

Elementary school teacher no more asthma
In the past I may have used Ventolin to be able to sleep peacefully into the night, last week I was able to sleep well after the exercise. I have also been able to control a burst of laughter, which quickly turns into breathlessness and wheezing, with the “cough stop exercise”. Quite successful! And this morning I ran again with my mouth closed, this went well again.

Thoughts calmer
The Breath Guide training has an enormous influence. I notice that my thoughts are calmer, even in stressful situations.

Just shopping again
When I used to go into a store, the question was whether I could do all the shopping. I was often very stressed and anxiously standing at the checkout. Now I can keep my breathing calm by doing an Ademwijzer exercise in time.

Exercise now energizes
The tips we received during the course for healthy sports really helped. I am not that exhausted anymore. I now feel fit and energized after the sport.

Fears under control
As soon as I start to feel anxious, I do an Adewijzer exercise. But that is almost no longer necessary. I’m doing things that I couldn’t do for a long time. I enjoy going out again. It is a nice feeling to have this technique at hand.

No more otrivin
I don’t have a cold that often anymore and I no longer have sinus infections. That is why I don’t have to use more drugs like Otrivin and stuff that I actually used too often. I am very happy with that.

Also stopped anti-inflammatory
When she started she had a lot of asthma and bronchitis, but was able to stop the anti-inflammatory drugs within a few months in consultation with the doctor after the bronchodilators.
‘It is nice and at the same time getting used to not using any medication at all and being completely responsible yourself.’

Good support
It’s nice the way you do it and the guidance is a good incentive.